Incident Response Engineer

Seattle, WA

Full time

The Incident Response Engineer works to consistently maintain situational awareness required to identify and verify security incidents. Analyze, document and report on security incidents through the Incident Attack Lifecycle.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Ensures that incident documentation is comprehensive and accurate. Completes all relevant fields in incident tracking database and closes ticket.
  • Develops and documents security event and incident handling procedures into Playbooks.
  • Creates Splunk dashboards to display IR’s metrics.
  • Creates dashboards that help identify possible malicious trends.


  • One or more professional security certifications such as CISA or CISSP (or equivalent).
  • Experience with scripting languages such as Python.
  • Experience with Network IDS.
  • Experience configuring TAPs/SPANs.
  • Experience with Network Security Monitoring technologies.
  • Experience with PCI DSS.

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