PAM Engineer



Our client in Toronto is looking for a BeyondTrust SME with the following qualifications :

  1. Excellent knowledge of Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  2. Previous working experience with at least one of the following :
    1. BeyondTrust
    2. CyberArk

Experience with BeyondTrust is preferred.

  1. Strong technical skills in assessment, design, implementation and architecture.
  2. Knowledge of Active Directory (especially multi-domain / forest AD) and LDAP protocol.
  3. Linux and Windows server knowledge, especially remote connection protocols such as RDP, SSH.
  4. Basic programming skills (able to utilize APIs and design basic programming logics) and HTML knowledge.
  5. Understand RDP, SSH session proxying concepts and flows.
  6. Knowledge of Load Balancers, SSL certificates, high availability architecture.
  7. Troubleshooting skills such as identifying errors in log files, able to reproduce issues.
  8. Experience of dealing with vendors for troubleshooting, able to explain the technical flows clearly with either tech or non-tech languages.
  9. Good communication skills.

Resume received!