Our Story

“The recruiter you want is the one with whom you can do a quick mind-meld, one who will almost instantly understand your needs and mirror them back to you first verbally and then in the form of perfect candidates.”

Mickey W. Mantle and Ron Lichty, Managing the Unmanageable

Intercast staffing began in 2009 with one goal in mind: to provide niche recruiting that would match the level of specialization inherent in the technology and clients we serve.

What began as a Cisco based recruiting practice has now evolved – one technology at a time with now an exclusive focus on Cyber and IT Security recruiting.

Although our niche has expanded we remain true to our founding philosophy. As we grow – our reach goes deeper – while our commitment to our Candidates and Clients remains stronger than ever.

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Cybersecurity Focused Continuous Recruitment

Enterprises, Security Software/Hardware Vendors, IT Solution Providers, Managed Security Service Providers and even Generalist Recruitment Agencies engage us to find them the talent they need to help their business succeed and be secure. We leverage our niche focus to deliver to our clients only qualified, certified and experienced professionals that are aligned to their corporate direction and vision!

We are passionate about our craft and pride ourselves on presenting few candidates but only ones of high quality. We never promise to fill a role but we always promise not to waste your time.

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The Intercast Way – Active Recruiting & A Dynamic Bench

‘All Day Every Day’ we talk security with security professionals: we understand the nuance of your roles and how critical they are to both protecting your company and helping you grow your team.

With the unemployment rate in the Security Industry at less than 1% – the best person for your roles is already working somewhere else – you need a specialist who can quickly target these employed individuals and recruit them for your company.

We conduct a thorough intake call with the Hiring Manager and HR team to fully flesh out your needs. We then “headhunt” candidates who have the skills, experience and certifications you require – we are not relying on a static database of candidates – we spend the time and resources to recruit the best candidates for your roles.

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