Voices in Security – C.M., IAM Architect

“Technology runs in my family, it is who I am.”


Why Security?


C.M. comes from a family of IT professionals, the youngest of four siblings, all of whom happen to be Technical Architects like himself. Between all the coding, networking and software conversations around the dinner table, he felt completely immersed with the industry from his youth. C.M. would watch his siblings handling different projects all at once, and they were always open to sharing their knowledge with their youngest brother. Since the family happened to be in different domains of IT, C.M. received exposure to absolutely anything and everything. When he was in college  C.M. attended cybersecurity workshops and decided that was what he loved enough to make it his career path. C.M. always thought hacking was cool as a kid, but as he grew older felt the importance of maintaining privacy, and never wanted to experience his own data compromised.


Home Set up?

C.M. keeps everything secured, his home internet is encrypted, router encrypted, and much more. C.M. uses various methods to constantly change the IP from static to dynamic on his phone lines so even the phone conversation Intercast had with him was encrypted. What drove him to achieve this level of personal security is his asking “how do (attackers) do that?” and, “how can I protect myself from it?”


Future of Security?

C.M. predicts there to be more cybersecurity attacks than ever before, especially with the rise of IoT and AI. There are several more data access points to get into our lives than ever before and these must all be regarded as pressing vulnerabilities; C.M. believes that every company needs to take end-point security very seriously.


What are you reading?

C.M. enjoys reading SailPoint, RSA and Oracle Whitepapers, as opposed to traditional books. Whenever time allows, he reads and contributes to the conversations that take place in the Cybersecurity WhatsApp Groups he’s created. He is very interested in assisting new people in the industry, and tries to engage with those venturing into the field as frequently as he can.  


Most challenging and rewarding career point?

Educating people in an organization is simultaneously the most challenging and rewarding part of his career, and he treats it as a constant undertaking. C.M. places the most importance on having people around him follow the proper processes and protocols necessary to ensure Security comes first. Implementing policies and procedures, risk management consulting, and incident management are all what C.M. considers his strong suits.


C.M. is located within the Greater Toronto Area, and targeting a base compensation of $150k-160k for his next opportunity, or between $130/hr to $140/hr if on contract.


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